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hello! I am Julie. 
I am the maker of all things Polka Dot Pig Folk Art.

I've been making things for a long time.
It's more than what I do its' a part of me.

Sewing and creating my whimsical and sometimes weird creatures is my favorite.
I love taking a piece of fabric and some fluff and making it into something that
I hope will be treasured for a very long time.
I'm inspired by all things vintage and fairy tales.
Imagine.... all the creatures having a party in the woods.
that is my art. 

I design and create everything sold in my store, online and at markets.
Handmade is my passion.
Most of my fabrics are new but sometimes I'm lucky and find amazing vintage fabrics and faux furs. I love adding vintage finds also! 
NEVER cut up stuffed animals. ALL of my creatures are made by me from scratch. 
I've dabbled in many mediums and there are so many more things
I want to learn!
I sew, I paint, I plasma cut.
I've crocheted. I've poured & painted ceramics.
I had my own primitive doll pattern line for many years.

I'm a mother of 5 wonderful amazing adult children and have 5 grandbabies. They all mean the world to me.

My life wasn't easy but I survived.
Creating is therapy for me.
Sometimes I struggle.
Some days are hard.
I will be okay.

My sweet Otis (corgi) is my best friend.
He is a service dog and is always by my side.
He is my rock.



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